Caps Not Hats BannerIt can be argued that times are weak for a cause like CAPS not HATS. One might say it’s so unimportant what a champion wears on his head; laurels are the goal, be they a baseball hat or cycling cap or a sombrero. But can’t we cherish the things in our sport that are distinct and ultimately ours?

While we cry at the ghastly advances in cycling that have tested our ability to accept function over form – head tube junctions swagged enough to keep tools in, rollerblade helmets, and red carpet speedsuit necklines – can a man just wear a cotton cap while chugging his win? It’s not like the spectator populous is expecting Cols to be crowned with spare tubbies snaked around torsos. But to that end, aren’t those at the pinnacle of the sport whose headwear we’ve assumed still cracking their score with wooden bats? See? Heritage. 

And so we ask, can’t our heritage remain intact while we simultaneously progress? And while the fog of skepticism continues to shroud mountains of achievement, can not a victor assume the podium in full splendor of the sport in which they dominate? We unequivocally say yes.

These ideals are the origin of the Caps not Hats movement.

Contributor in large part to the the establishment, and growth of, the Caps not Hats movement, Bill Strickland has provided depth in the matter in one simple quote in the

“One thing I love about cycling is the odd traditions that still exist no matter how hi-tech it get,” says Bill Strickland, a cycling writer. “The cycling cap is one of these so it seems a shame that on the podium, the showcase for the race, you always see baseball hats.”

Undoubtedly, Bill is pushing within the media rabbit holes that surround the Peloton. And now that a small amount of time has passed since the origin of Caps Not Hats, we can see evidence of its growth every year. Now at the beginning of 2014, pros and locals alike are choosing to embrace the attention of the podium, representing cycling by wearing a cap, and not a hat.

Taylor Phinney #capsnothats

Taylor Phinney #capsnothats

Cavendish on why caps and not hats:

Jonny Bugno and Brian Holmes on how to wear a cap:

YouTube Preview Image

Friends, we’re close to the dawn of a new epoch. The slate is still being cleaned, and dust is still settling, but in houses of parliament, wigs are also still being powdered. Let’s powder ours, too, and consider this an opportunity to demand sartorial sanctity of our champions, and compliment the ones who abide. They are, after all, representing us all. And I don’t fucking play baseball.

More on the Caps not Hats movement can be found here:

Open source pdf graphic for download and redistribution GPL style can be found here: Caps Not Hats Public Release.


  1. […] The Caps Not Hats movement has been an incredible success based on a fervor cor cycling accurate laurels by the cycling public… YOU. But the work of propagating the historical significance of Caps in the Pelican will never end as long as corporate tools are on sponsor rosters. They just donut know, and there are still far too many Baseball Hats in play on cycling podiums around the world. Please help continue this cause. Be sure to learn of the origins of this movement by visiting the original post here: In the Beginning, Caps not Hats. […]

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