Setting limits on Big Dumb Rides


Big dumb rides represent an antithesis to the norm and they are addictive as hell. We had a mild shitfest© on our hands through competent planning... a voluntary embrace of discomfort and exploration beyond any tether. We welcomed it. We were headed for the Verde River again. The tally shown two days of (pre winter) 90 degree temps followed by an exceptional and seemingly elusive pre-dawn rain … [Read more...]

Son of Cycling


Pulled out from the the underwebs, a repost of a 2009 essay on existence and bikes. Thanks to Bacardi Marty for regenerating le stoke on this one... I put on my first pair of cycling shoes in 1992, after years of pounding toe-clips around the hills of my hometown. They were the top of the line Sidi's. The same fruity colored units that Tinker sported back in the days of the Etto and … [Read more...]

Underbike 2014: Never again, until we do it again.

Gaytheist. They kindof kick ass.

We came into Underbike by way of the forever 29th bicycle birthday party that is Interbike. We do this of our own accord every single time. But all we really care about is the rock and roll. Blinded by an expo floor of too many phenomenal things and an uncertainty for eye contact, gives way to real good times at the end of Thursday. Backstory: Superissimo had been a micro-juggernaut until … [Read more...]

Superissimo Sexykitte Ordering Now Closed, Now What?

Superissimo Base Bib, 2014

To all who ordered: Friends, countrymen, international countrymen, contenders supported through equal payout, all others, thank you:Each of you have received these mailings in accord of your purchasings of the Superissimo Sexykitte 2014. I hope this finds you rested and sexy. Tomorrow begins production. Today we have finalized testing and verifications. Now, here, we will pass on a few notes … [Read more...]

Whiskey Off Road, 2014 Reportings

Whiskey Off Road 2014 - evidence of harness

It's known enough that Epic Rides' Whiskey Off-Road is a very faste and hardening event, it being on a legitimate ATB type course and of a middle distance at 50 miles longish. Taking place at the end of April, it makes for a premier early season target - or spring season escape - for all kinds of bike riders from all kinds of places. Toss the $30,000 or so cash prize split for the PRO's, and what … [Read more...]

Now Hiring Technici Profezzionale!


We’re Totally Hiring Tech Professionals! Req'd Education:   2 year Technical Degree or equivalent work experience PLUS 10 - 15 years of bici-shoppe experiencia PLUS no children or wife or complainings. Travel:  Totally All-Times/ Most Days. Relocation:  Please relocate if you are not currently staying around here. Job Description  Major Hand-typed … [Read more...]

Underbike Industry Mixer Number Six

Superissimo does the Underbike

You know the drill: Interbike, 2014. It is coming. By day, we make the thronging mess of gaping shoulder turrets sifting through carbon sediment. They call that "sustainability" in the bike biz, pulling carbon out of the atmosphere one layer of high modulus crabon fibre at a time. We like this. We will matching shoes and damn thicke glasses, pants maybe, and you name it, because we area team … [Read more...]